COUNCIL chiefs have been forced to act over complaints that a Dorchester landmark was being turned into an eyesore by street bins.

Durngate Street is home to three information boards put up to show what the town used to look like, but photographer Greg Cameron Day said the view was being spoilt by waste bins being left underneath the boards and car drivers that park illegally on the double yellow lines.

Mr Cameron Day said: “It’s an awful eyesore – bins out on the street under those lovely picture boards.

“It’s taking away from the aesthetic look. I’d like to see the bins put elsewhere, away from there.”

He added: “I’d like the traffic people to be vigilant of the parking there. Vehicles park down there all the time. There are double yellow lines there and still people park there.”

Project director for the Dorchester BID Philip Gordon agreed.

He said: “It’s frustrating that we have the lovely pictures of Dorchester on the wall and then there are the bins and the cars parked there for long periods of time.”

Mr Gordon added that he hoped a solution could be reached with landlords, businesses and West Dorset District Council to move the bins, but said that businesses had to put their rubbish somewhere He said: “If a business on the street has no back or front area then they may have no choice. They have to put their waste somewhere.”

Following the complaints the district council has moved the bins from under the boards to behind a business on the other side of the road.

West Dorset District Council streetscene manager Karyn Punchard said: “The council did receive complaints about the Durngate Street bins.

“The bins have now been moved to behind Toni and Guy and are no longer underneath the signs. We will continue to monitor the situation.”