A FORMER landfill site in Stourpaine near Blandford will become a beauty spot and wildlife heaven, said Dorset County Council.

Around 6,400 native trees and shrubs will be planted on land off Bushes Road, which is currently managed by Dorset Waste Partnership.

The spot was used for landfill between 1966 and 1993 and since its closure it has been restored to grassland.

The £16,324 cost of planting will be two thirds funded by a grant from the Forestry Commission and one third by Dorset County Council.

Six hectares will become woodland, comprising native trees such as ash, field maple, crab apple and silver birch.

Around one thirty-five per cent of the land will be kept open as paths.

Danny Alder from the council’s natural environment team said: “The species selected are typical of the area.

“We believe this restored hillside will become an important wildlife habitat - particularly for woodland birds.

“The woodland will be sensitively managed with a mixture of coppicing and thinning to provide timber for firewood.

“We expect to see the landscape change within the next fifteen years.”