AROUND 200 people are currently being employed at Dorchester’s Brewery Square development giving a major economic boost to the town.

Construction on phase 2a of the town centre scheme is well under way after contractors Leadbitter were appointed in February.

Andrew Wadsworth, director of Waterhouse, said there were currently around 200 people working on site, with many coming from the local area.

He said there were around 120 construction workers, with the design and construction management team bringing the figure up to around 200.

Mr Wadsworth said he expected the number of workers on site to peak at around 250 as the current phase of work, which is scheduled for completion in October next year, moves forward.

He said: “Construction is well under way and going at quite a pace.

“All together there are about 200 people employed on this project and that has quite a significant impact on a number of local contractors.”

Mr Wadsworth added: “Wherever possible we and the contractors try and ensure that the construction teams are local.”

The announcement of the employment figures comes after the latest planning applications were submitted for the Brewery Square site, with a number of minor alterations to plans approved in 2007.

These included a proposal to increase the number of rooms in the hotel planned for the Brewhouse building from 48 to 52 units as well as alterations to the size of a number of retail units and apartments.

The plans also now include a proposal for a convenience store opposite Dorchester South train station.

Mr Wadsworth said that the application to increase the number of hotel rooms came as the developers near the announcement of the operator to run the hotel.

He said: “The hotel is under offer to an operator but we are not yet at liberty to reveal who it is.”

Mr Wadsworth said the rest of the application referred to minor alterations to phase 2b of the scheme, which would follow the work on 2a that was currently progressing on site.

He explained that new applications were needed because the plans varied slightly from the original proposal for the overall scheme which was granted planning consent in 2007.

Mr Wadsworth said: “It’s quite normal for their to be some fine tuning in a scheme such as this particularly when one has had feedback from specific tenants or operators and also future tenants.

“We have had a lot of feedback from marketing the scheme and we have had feedback from tenants and potential residents alike.

“Broadly speaking the plans are very similar to that which we submitted.”


MEMBERS of Dorchester Town Council’s planning and environment committee have praised the work done at Brewery Square as they considered the latest planning applications submitted for the development.

Councillors made no objections to the proposals after a presentation by Mr Wadsworth and commended what he had done for the town.

Councillor Molly Rennie said: “I think we should congratulate Mr Wadsworth as it’s coming along apace and it’s nice to see it happening.”

Coun Trevor Jones added: “This is a quality development they have delivered in the middle of Dorchester and it’s very welcome.”