A COMMUNITY rallied round to stop flood water entering homes.

As heavy rain storms battered Dorset, drains at Whitehall in Maiden Newton blocked and couldn’t deal with the deluge.

Residents noticed the water start to rise on Thursday evening and the whole street mucked in thorough the rain and wind, using brushes to sweep the water away.

Retained firefighters from Maiden Newton were called and helped their fellow villagers to repel the flood water that was threatening their homes.

One resident of Whitehall, who did not wish to be named, described the water as a river sweeping down the road.

She said: “There was a great community spirit. It’s nice to know that community spirit is still alive.”

Firefighters set up a pump to divert the water back into the River Frome and residents diverted the flood water further up the road so that it wouldn’t go past their doors.

The camber of the road and the pavements tips towards the houses in Whitehall which forced the water to flow past their door steps.

Whitehall resident Brie Proud described how neighbours were handing out sand bags and helping each other out.

She said: “There was about 15 of us outside with our brooms, sweeping the water into the road. The firefighters were there trying to get the pump to work and pumping it into the river.

“We were taking it in turns to brush the water away.”

She added: “It was really lovely, everyone was working together. There was a lovely atmosphere. It defiantly showed the village spirit.

“A lot of the firefighters were retained from the village so we knew them too.

“They were here until midnight.”

Neigh-bour Matthew Stephens said: “Literally everybody from the street was out with their brooms.”

He also added: “It was cold and raining hard. Everyone was out with a tea or coffee to keep warm.”

He said that luckily the rain started to ease off and residents were able to sweep it into the road or divert it with sand bags.

He added: “The county council were here this morning unblocking the drains.”

A spokesman for Dorset Fire and Rescue service said: “We were called at 9pm to seven properties were flood water from blocked drains was threatening to enter the houses.

“One fire engine from Maiden Newton, a Land Rover and the local authority were sent.

“One light pump was used to pump water away and we also used the main fire engine pump to take the water away from the houses and into the River Frome.”

He added: “No water entered the properties.”