RESIDENTS have rubbished council chiefs for a lack of consultation before taking away public bins.

Weymouth and Portland Borough Council took the decision to remove three bins from the Park District after household waste was left by the side of them.

But although residents hope those responsible get the message not to leave waste on the streets, they said they should have been told before the bins were taken away.

Waterside Community Forum’s Dave Burchill said: “All we wanted was for the council to talk to us before they made this decision.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a local issue or a whole-town issue.

“But we just expected that when bins have been taken away – admittedly misused bins – residents living in the area would be consulted.”

The council, who removed the bins on a trial basis, said it will monitor the situation over the coming weeks.

Councillor Ian Roebuck, brief holder for environment and sustainability at Weymouth & Portland Borough Council, said: “The borough council took a decision at the beginning of May to remove three litter bins from the Park District on a trial basis.

“Household waste bags were being dumped next to them and being ripped open by seagulls, causing waste to be strewn onto the pavement and road.

“The removal of the bins has helped to improve the situation considerably and we have seen a notable reduction in litter, mess and rubbish.

“We are aware bins are a valuable amenity and most residents are responsible when it comes to litter.

“The council will continue to monitor the situation and will be consulting with residents and the Waterside Community Forum over the coming weeks to consider the next step forward.”

Mr Burchill added: “It’s all very well for them to say they will keep an eye on it for five or six weeks.

“Residents have to pick up bits that are on the street and put it in our bins now – but we’re fed up with that.

“We are a very proactive community. We have meetings, a newsletter. All we wanted was for the council to say to us ‘here’s a problem, can we sort it out?’ “But the first thing we knew was when the bins went missing.”

Park District resident Ken Whatley said: “The bins have been taken away because people have been putting their household waste into the bins, when they are not designed for household waste.

“Our concern is, what will they do with the rubbish now?

“The council should have consulted with residents before they took the bins away. They just made a decision and did it.

“We shall have to wait and see whether they re-instate the bins in a few weeks.

“Sometimes the bins were full so the council had to come and collect them every day, or every other day. Sometimes seagulls have got hold of them. We are hoping that people will get the message and keep their rubbish on their properties and wait for bin collection day.”