No doubt some environmentalists will jump on the climate change bandwagon and blame the recent flooding in South Dorset on manmade climate change.

Since daily rainfall measurements were started in 1927 there have been larger daily rainfalls than experienced on July 7 on no fewer than 45 days stretching back over all decades from the 1930s.

This means that such downpours as we recently experienced occur about once every two years and have been happening since before climate change became fashionable.

The 1950s experienced the largest number of very wet days with the 2000s having the fewest number of very wet days.

One torrential flood earlier this month was not evidence of climate change.

The perception that flooding is getting worse is an illusion driven by rivers being unnaturally constrained into inadequate culverts and new housing being built on flood plains. The rainfall is the same but the damage is getting worse and more expensive.

July is a month jinxed with local flooding.

Geoff Kirby, College Lane, Weymouth