The last sentence of Councillor Farrell’s comments on Weymouth beach office on the Esplanade, on page 12 of Monday’s Dorset Echo, reads: “Everything else has been smartened up for the Olympics.”

Not quite everything, Councillor Farrell.

The deplorable state of Westham bridge has been left unattended to for much more than a decade.

It was at least ten years ago that this was brought to the attention of the authorities by the West Weymouth Conservation Society (which ceased to exist in 2005), and I personally raised it through the good offices of Councillor Howard Legg about three months ago. Councillor Legg passed this on to Mr Simon Williams, who apparently responded that he was not aware of any complaint about the bridge.

Perhaps even more important than the unsightly appearance of the bridge owing to the considerable number of masonry blocks which have fallen off, is the genuine doubt which appears to exist about the integrity of the entire structure. Obviously nothing can be done prior to the Olympics, but I would strongly recommend that a proper survey be carried out on the bridge in order to determine its integrity.

David McCririck, Stavordale Road, Weymouth