PARENTS and children gathered at a Weymouth community centre for a day of Olympic-inspired fun.

The Mini Olympics Day at Wyke Regis encouraged pre-school children to take part in activities and make new friends for the coming school year.

The events began with the opening ceremony where the children waved flags and created posters to decorate the hall. They then participated in track and field events including fancy dress, pictured, and egg and spoon races.

There was also an obstacle course followed by a picnic held inside due to grim weather.

The event was organised to help the children understand the Olympics and introduce them to their fellow classmates as they are due to start reception at Wyke Regis infant school in September. The children were also given the chance to carry the torch when Olympic torchbearer Jo Shorey dropped in and let each child have their Olympic moment.

Event organiser Claire Hutchison said: “It was really good fun for the kids, they really enjoyed it and made some memories. Instead of just watching it on the television at least our event was more age appropriate and they could understand it better.”

Lucy Clarke, a parent and co-organiser of the event, said: “We wanted to keep the Olympic spirit alive for the children and give them the opportunity to spend time together in the summer before school.”

Mrs Clarke added: “It was a community effort, all the mums and dads brought something different, everybody brought their own little bit to the event.”

The children took their turn standing on the podium and were awarded gold, silver or bronze medals as well as a toy.

Mrs Clarke said: “The children had a great time and it was wonderful to be part of this, they made new friends and the parents made new friends as well. I’d like to thank everybody for making it such an exciting afternoon.”