A DORCHESTER hospital is issuing advice after experiencing an increase in sporting injuries during this Olympic and Paralympic summer.

BMI The Winterbourne Hospital says more people are being inspired to take up sport and there has been a rise in the number of patients suffering from sports-related injuries.

Physiotherapy manager Sarah Pearce said: “The fact that more local residents have been inspired by Team GB and other sports heroes is fantastic and truly highlights the legacy the games could have in Dorset and across the UK.

“While we wouldn’t want to discourage anyone from becoming more active or taking up a sport it is widely acknowledged that newcomers to a sport or exercise are significantly more likely to be injured than individuals who have been training for many years. Experienced athletes are stronger and more co-ordinated than beginners.”

She added: “If people are inspired by the Olympics , Team GB or any of this summer’s sporting events, it is advisable they speak to their doctor, a physiotherapist or medical professional before embarking on an exercise regime – especially if it’s been a while since they’ve done anything strenuous.

The hospital has also set out five simple steps for people to take if they suffer a sports injury – protection, rest, ice, compress and elevate.