BROADCHURCH has returned and to celebrate we have a special 8-page special on the second series.

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SPOILER ALERT- Don't read this if you haven't seen the first episode. here is where you can find all the reaction from fans.

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Writer Chris Chibnall tells The News how this series will have more 'cheeky cliff hangers' than ever before. Click here.

Producer Richard Stokes tells viewers 'Episode two will have even more twists and turns.'

Jonathan Bailey, journalist Olly Stevens, tells The News how difficult it was to keep the secrets of Broadchurch...shhh!


A whodunnit, the ‘coolest woman on the planet’ and loving West Bay. The News gets to know the famous faces who will be occupying our TV screens (and office chatter) over the coming weeks...


BROADCHURCH fans went crazy in May when it was revealed internationally-acclaimed Hollywood actress Charlotte Rampling would take a lead role in series two.

In a career spanning around 50 years, Rampling, an OBE, has starred in English, French and Italian cinema hits including Stardust Memories, The Night Porter and The Damned.

In August this year, at the age of 68, she was named the new face of NARS cosmetics.

Founder Fracois Nars shot Rampling’s portrait himself. “Charlotte’s ability to transform is unparalled,” he said.


• I understand you watched Broadchurch in French before watching the English version?

Broadchurch had contacted me about the role and I was waiting for the DVDs to arrive and in the meantime it started on French television.

I live in France, and I said to myself ‘shall I watch it or shall I wait?’ But in the end I was too curious so I watched the first two episodes in French. They dubbed them so there were French voices in all the roles of the people I would meet in England.

I thought that was interesting, as I am used to seeing dubbed drama and I am bilingual. It was an interesting experience and then I saw it in its original form.

The dubbed version was very good, you felt the Englishness of it, it really was quite powerful. And it did incredibly well; they just adore Broadchurch in France.

I think the reason the French liked it so much is the same reason everyone loves it – the sense of community, the idea of solidarity in a small town, and all that is broken when suspicion starts to creep in.

There is something very human about it. You don’t really know what happens in real life when people suffer this kind of tragedy; people go off and live their lives but here we can actually accompany them in a way, and it is rather comforting almost to see the difficulties they are all confronted with and go through the grieving process with them.


• Was the West Bay area of England familiar to you?

A tiny bit from childhood but not since. It was really great experience to film there. I find it an extraordinary coastline, very inspiring country and a beautiful part of England. And we were lucky to be there over the hottest summer, everyone was so happy filming in West Bay – it was the best of times.


• What is it like to join an established cast for a second series?

I did one recently in America, Dexter, when I came in right at the end. Actors are, I’ve always found, very friendly. You are part of a group, a gang, there is a sense of solidarity that exists and they immediately make you feel part of it.

I was one of the family right away in this case. I don’t quite know why but sometimes people are apprehensive about meeting me. Maybe people think I might be a bit impenetrable or a bit fierce but it is not true and people easily see that I’m just as fun-loving as anyone else.


• And how do you cope with the secrecy...?

I love it. Love not having to talk about what I’m doing because it is a secret. My family did watch series one and I’m sure they will ask questions but it’s all part of the fun; withholding the secret and not having it squeezed out of you. I'm great at keeping secrets!



HIS is a face you might recognise; Cloud Atlas and Hitchcock star James D’Arcy features in Broadchurch 2.

Speaking about his joining the cast, executive producer Jane Featherstone said: “James’ extraordinary recent work in movies such as Cloud Atlas and opposite Anthony Hopkins in Hitchcock makes him another thrilling and important addition to the Broadchurch cast.

“It's never easy to tempt actors back from Hollywood, and we feel privileged that James is joining us as a key part of our new story.”


• Did you watch Broadchurch or were you aware of the Broadchurch phenomenon when it went out?

I was out of the country when it aired but was aware that it had become quite a phenomenon even from America.

I didn't get a chance to see it until I’d been offered a role in season two. I planned on watching one or two episodes a day, but couldn't resist and binge-watched the whole series in one day.


• What was it like joining the cast, who had all become close from series one?

It was pretty intimidating walking into the read-through and being surrounded by all these amazing actors (only a couple of whom I actually knew) and feeling like I knew them somehow. It was simultaneously incredibly exciting to feel that I was a small part of something so loved by the British public.


• What did you think of West Bay and the surrounding areas in which you filmed?

The reason for wanting to be involved was of course the script and the incredible talent involved, but it didn’t hurt that we filmed in some of the most beautiful places in England. It was such a joy to go to work every morning!


• Are you finding it tricky keeping so hush hush?

Actually, no. The people I’ve come into contact with don’t want spoilers. They'd rather see the finished article. And now I'm actually out of the country anyway, so it’s much easier to avoid the conversation.


• How do you think viewers will react when they watch the first episode?

I don’t like to try and legislate for anyone’s reaction, but mine when I had read it was that they had done it again and I couldn’t wait to hear what happened next.