A VETERAN has been presented with the Legion d'Honneur medal.

Robert Rigler, 98, is a former member of the Dorsetshire Regiment.

He was presented with the medal at his nursing home in Hamworthy, Poole in a ceremony organised by Dorchester's Keep Military Museum.

The medal is from the French government and is being given in recognition of his participation in the actions to free France from German occupation in the Second World War.

Robert served in France after D-Day and earned a Mention in Despatches at Arnhem in 1944.

He is featured in the recent book on the Dorsets called They Couldn't Have Done Better by Christopher Jary.

An extract reads: 'During the evacuation the boat crews suffered severe casualties and the 5th's Pioneer Platoon played a major part in helping the courageous Sappers man the boats and keep them in action.

'Commanding the 5th's Pioneers was Sergeant Bob Rigler, who was mentioned in Despatches and later awarded the Dutch Order of the Bronze Lion for twice crossing the river under heavy fire and rescuing two boat loads totalling twenty Airborne soldiers. Returning from his second trip, Rigler was surprised to find a German prisoner in one of the boats and asked him what he was doing there.

'It appears he had made friends with this Airborne captors and had chosen to stick with them.'

Standard bearers, friends, comrades and family members gathered for the presentation by the Mayor of Poole Cllr Anne Stribley. The citation was read by Lt Col Andrew Edwards.