IN AN attempt to reduce pollution from plastic, Castle Cove Sailing Club has stopped selling bottled water in its clubhouse.

The rear commodore shore John Harrington, said: “As sailors we are all too aware of plastic pollution of the sea and elsewhere. We hope this will set the right example for our members and visitors.

“We have a supply of new reusable bottles for people to buy, and we are promoting the drive to reuse, by installing a new drinking water tap on the veranda where water bottles can be easily filled.

“Our target for completion of this is National Refill Day on Wednesday, June 19.”

The club is also aiming to improve energy efficiency and has just replaced windows and doors with new double glazed units. Later in the year the loft insulation will also be upgraded.

Over the past winter months the zonal heating of the clubhouse was introduced, which will improve the comfort levels at lower cost and energy use.