JAMES Longmuire currently tops the charts at a windy Weymouth Speed Week with a superb 37.18 knots.

With one day to go, the competition has been heralded as one of the windiest ever, drawing competitors from all over Europe with a stunning standard of sailors taking part.

The lead for fastest speed of the week has changed hands every day, Dave Williams initially leader on his foiling kite at 22.23 knots.

Day two saw Weymouth teenager Scotty Stallman hitting 34.43 knots before fellow windsurfer James Batty raised his mark to 34.93 knots. However, day four brought south-west winds which allowed for a beach course to be set along the causeway and Longmuire on his speed kite raced to 37.18 knots.

Under the umbrella of speed week, the British speed championships are held for both the UKWA Windsurfing and BKSA kites.

Again the lead has changed many times this week with the UKWA championships top four only separated by 3.4 points and the top two Stallman and Simon Pettifer separated by only 0.1 points.

The kites are also close with the lead changing between the top four, currently Longmuire is first with Williams in second, Neil Thompson in third and Weymouth hopeful Martin Carter in fourth – any one of them could take it.

Organisers are still hopeful the long standing harbour record for this event, set back in 2008 by Anders Bringdal from Sweden at 38.44 knots, will go. The final result may go down to the wire with the forecast today looking epic with winds of 30-plus knots from a south-westerly direction.