WEYMOUTH speedster Martin Carter was “delighted” to have broken the Weymouth Speed Week fastest speed, only to finish third.

Carter, who achieved his mark of 38.937 knots with a kite board, eclipsed the previous best of 38.48 by Anders Bringdal.

However, James Longmuir shattered the previous best, reaching a mammoth 41.213 knots to sneak ahead of David Williams (41.128) by 0.085 knots.

Speaking to Echosport, Carter said “everyone had eyes on the record” amid favourable conditions.

He said: “It has taken a few years to break the speed record but I’m delighted to have finally achieved it, after a tough week of racing against top flight, sponsored racers.

“The standard this year was the highest I have seen across all the competitors and everyone had eyes on the record once we knew the conditions were in our favour.

“The high winds and good tides allowed the kites to get in close to the beach where the water is flatter and this enhanced our speeds to the point we were going the same speed as the cars along the beach road. Placing in the top three overall of the fastest kiters in the country and from abroad is a satisfying result.”

Carter is also keen to progress his speed-seeking skills and will utilise a hydrofoil in 2020.

He said: “Next year I have plans to develop my speeds on a hydrofoil and we will see where this new technology takes us in the speed ladder.

“A year after setting a new British speed record in Namibia, I have been to France in the summer where I placed fifth at the International Speed event and with a respectable third place overall at Weymouth I was more delighted to have broken the harbour record.

“As part of my desire to constantly challenge myself I have one more event, an Open Ocean Race along the south coast of England, the first of its kind in this country, which will wrap up the year nicely.”