A BUS load of young people from schools across Dorchester headed to Westminster to demand education for every child worldwide.

Children from 19 member schools of the Dorchester Area Schools Partnership headed off to deliver more than 4,000 messages to Westminster as part of a campaign.

This was the final journey of the 3D ‘world leader’ figures, letters and even a DVD which are part of the collection which has passed around Dorchester schools over the past three months

The 3D figures has seen children make colourful figures of themselves as world leaders covered with messages to tell politicians what needs to be done to deliver a better future for the world’s children.

The final leg of the journey is a symbolic gesture but also is allowing a wide range of students from the area to communicate directly with the people who make the decisions that affect them.

This is part of the Send My Friend to School campaign

The letters were given directly to MPs Oliver Letwin and Richard Drax to remind the UK government of their promise of universal primary education.

Plans are part of the build up to September when world leaders will meet in New York to decide how to tackle global poverty.

Fiona Brady, from St Osmund’s Middle School Dorchester, explained what the project and the visit are about.

She said: “To these children, the purpose of this campaign is quite clear – some children are denied their right to an education and to a voice, so those who have an education and a voice must speak out.

“The pupils felt that our politicians would act if they knew that all 4,000 students were unanimous in their condemnation of this injustice.”

Mrs Brady thinks this is the students way of showing they don’t have to wait until they are 18 to have their say.

She said: “DASP students know they don’t have to wait until they are 18 to have a say in how our world is run – it is their right to challenge injustice.

“To children who are in school today, nothing is more obvious than the truth that in 2015, the denial of education 58 million children should not and cannot be allowed to continue.”

In 2000, world leaders promised universal primary education by 2015 but 58 million children are still out of school.

At the current rate of progress it will be 2086 before every child worldwide gets an education.

Across the UK, 4,300 schools are speaking out for every child’s right to go to school.