A HEAVILY tattooed motivational speaker returned to a Portland school to reinforce his message aimed at eliminating violence and prejudice.

Scary Guy first visited the Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy (IPACA) in October last year as the school looks to embed his message and teachings in to the curriculum.

He is a former tattoo artist who used to own three tattoo studios and his own tattoos cover 85 percent of his body.

He now acts as a comedian, philosopher and educator.

He has worked with more than seven million people around the world, looking to improve relationships in communities.

Scary is renowned for his work improving children’s behaviour and teaches an oath of seven pledges including always helping others, resolving conflicts without violence and never smoking or taking drugs.

Training with both pupils and staff will see his approach embedded in to the IPACA curriculum.

Scary helps children with developing personal strategies to deal with bullying, name-calling and negative behaviour.

The school hopes that his approach will also have a positive impact at home and will be holding further community and parent awareness sessions.

IPACA principal, Joss Hayes, said: “Scary empowers young people to understand their behaviour and choose what to do themselves.

“His approach is extremely effective and it is fantastic to welcome him back to IPACA and the Portland community, after all young people cannot succeed academically or socially without feeling safe and happy in their school environment.”

After spending years being judged for his appearance and drawing negative attention and daily prejudice from strangers, the Scary Guy had an epiphany.

After being judged for his, hair, facial piercings and all over body tattoos he stopped his work as a tattoo artist and has spent the last 16 years working in schools across the world addressing issues of anti-social behaviour.

As well as working in schools, ‘Scary’ has worked in prisons, detention centres, police forces and the military.

In his programme he describes the impact that people’s words and actions have on others, their confidence and perception of other people and works to combat this impact in organisations.