PUPILS took a walk to ancient Egypt as they enjoyed a special day of learning.

Year five pupils at Holy Trinity Primary School, Weymouth, were treated to an Egyptian day with a range of activities.

The class has been studying the ancient Egyptians during a current topic and were invited to come in dressed up for the day.

The school said that pupils made a tremendous effort preparing for the day with costumes ranging from Pharaohs and queens to the more unusual, including pyramids, gods and mummies.

There was even a couple of Howard Carters – The man who discovered the lost tomb of Tutankhamun.

In the lead up to the day, pupils had been asked to do some extra home learning in the form of projects or making artefacts.

Staff said they were amazed at the quality of the projects the pupils had created independently and brought to school to share.

On top of all of this pupils learned and performed an Egyptian dance to the Bangles hit Walk Like an Egyptian.

They also made papyrus bookmarks, created Egyptian jewellery and played the ancient Egyptian game of Senet.

Headteacher, Fiona Daykin, praised the quality of the projects the children brought in.

She said: “The Egyptian artefacts and costumes that came into school were truly amazing and demonstrated the children’s knowledge and excitement in their learning. It was wonderful to see.”