THE work of one Weymouth school’s student council has been highlighted to show the effect it can have on school life.

The Wey Valley School student council covers all aspects of school life, including homework, extra-curricular activities, school meals, charity events and more.

This school year though, the main focus has been the development and launch of the school’s learning charter. 

Andrew Wilson, vice-principal at Wey Valley, explained the charter, he said: “Our Learning Charter brings together work by the whole school community, including students through our student council, staff and parents through our parent voice. 

“The aim of the charter was to clarify our expectations of each other and how we work together and build an outstanding learning experience for all. The students have played a pivotal role in launching the charter earlier this term.”

Each classroom at the school now displays the charter as a reminder of the expectations.

Mr Wilson said that being clear of each other’s expectations of each other enables the school community to hold each other to account and live up to agreed expectations which are underpinned by the school’s co-operative values. 

The council revisited the school values and vision and a review took place through a number of meetings.

Discussions then followed to find a way to express the school’s values in a language relevant to students and adults alike.

The values on the charter now underpin conversations and actions in all aspects of school life at Wey Valley. 

Sam Chaloner, a year 11 student at Wey Valley, said: “It is a big change and positive for the school. All students received an Assembly on the Learning Charter so expectations are the same whether you are in Year seven or Year 11.”

As part of the work carried out to put together the charter, the council carried out a behaviour for learning survey, to consider areas for improvement in the school and the results and actions now form part of the charter.