It was time to pop the champagne as Weymouth College art students unveiled their final show.

Students studying art foundation and fine arts and photography degree courses displayed their creative talents at an end of year show last week.

Their artwork was created in a variety of mediums including installations, murals, film, ceramics and sculptures, paintings, photography and printmaking.

Course leader Sam Jukes said it had been a brilliant year and the students were the ‘most vibrant and enthusiastic’ year group the college had seen in a decade.

“They have honestly been amazing. They have been so engaged and full of ideas and really helped and supported each other through. They’ve all produced intelligent, imaginative and explorative work,” he said.

As well as perusing the numerous pieces on display across two buildings at the college, guests also enjoyed a live electric light performance by student, Alfie Warder which, alongside a second sound and visual installation, was a lamentation to the loss of the Dorset landscape as described in Thomas Hardy’s novels.

Alfie was given a special award for exceptional creativity and craftsmanship.

Student Frances Martin, who hopes to go on to study film and TV set design, created a vast mixed media installation which was inspired by her ‘safe space’ - a woodland she visited as a child.

“The inspiration was creating a haven and safe space and my safe space was a woodland area I visited when I was a child. I didn’t want to create a replica but something that had influences of it,” she said.

“I’m really glad I got it done. There’s been times I didn’t think it would happen and at one point I thought I’d bitten off more than I can chew but I think it works quite well,” she said.

First year contemporary fine art student Lara McMahon used her family as the inspiration behind her final piece.

“I took inspiration from my childhood home. It looks totally random but every thing actually means something. Each shape ties up with a person from my family,” she said. She added displaying her final work was exciting but she was going to miss not being at the college during the summer.

“It’s been an amazing year. The tutors have given me the freedom to express myself. They’ve been so supportive,” she said.