Pupils took in landscapes from West Dorset to the New Forest as part of a geography field trip.

As the school year came to a close, year 10 students from the Wey Valley School in Weymouth took part in a series of curriculum visits to Lyme Regis and Brockenhurst in preparation for their GCSE year.

As part of their geography fieldwork trips, the students researched the coastal management measures in West Dorset and the impact of tourism in the New Forest.

Over a two week period, the pupils carried out a variety of research techniques including beach profile visits in Lyme Regis noting wave direction, frequency and height plus compiling a review of coastal defence strategies and field sketches.

During the visit to the New Forest, the group received a talk from a National Trust lead on the history of the area of natural beauty and the current challenges faced by the local community.

They then toured the village of Brockenhurst carrying out questionnaires, traffic counts, building reviews and qualitative research with observations on commercial and financial challenges in the village.

Stephen Richards, second in charge of the humanities team and trip lead organiser, praised the student groups during their visits. He said: "The students have carried out a significant amount of research during testing hot weather conditions and this data will stand them in good stead for the Year 11 geography studies as we take it back to the classroom."

Mr Richards commended students on their collaborative efforts adding: "The team work on show was great with students taking turns to measure beach profiles and exchange views on coastal management techniques. Well done to all."