Damers eco-warriors are returning to your screens, as a new short film takes a behind the scenes look at their work to reduce plastic waste is released.

Last year, students at Damers First School launched ‘Refill Poundbury’ in partnership with Litter Free Coast and Sea.

The scheme sees businesses and shops sign up to offer free water refills to visitors in a bid to reduce single-use plastic across the county.

Dorset Echo:

Eco coordinator at Damers First School Edd Moore, wrote a passionate email to the founders of the Refill Scheme, City to Sea to tell them all about all the work the children and staff were doing to inspire the local community to get involved in their campaign.


Harry Knight at City to Sea took notice and decided it was time to come down to Dorchester to see with his own eyes what all the fuss was about.

“After receiving Edd’s email, I knew we had to see what was happening in Dorset. Reflecting on our visit I believe it’s of the utmost importance that we amplify the stories of these empowered citizens because they’re contagious and they’re our best bet at beating the challenges we face,” Mr Knight said. “I’m thankful for the pupils of Damers First School, Edd, and the Litter Free Coast and Sea team for reminding us of that.”

Mr Knight has now put together a film showcasing the work the school, Litter Free Coast and Sea and Dorchester Town Council have done together to encourage local businesses to sign up.

Edd Moore said: “For a school of four to nine-year-olds to lead a campaign like this is amazing in itself but to inspire local businesses, the community, The Duchy Estate, Dorchester Town Council and local MP Sir Oliver Letwin to support their campaign is an extraordinary achievement and something I am very proud to be a part of.

“There is a real passion amongst these children to make a difference to Dorchester and Dorset for a better environmental future.”

Caz Richards, project support officer for Litter Free Coast and Sea said they were proud to support Refill Dorset.

“It’s been key in helping to change people’s habits. Every time somebody refills rather than buying a new bottle from a shop or café, one fewer bottle runs the risk of ending up as either litter or going to landfill,” she said.

Businesses interested in signing up to the scheme can visit www.litterfreecoastandsea.co.uk/get-in-touch.