Some children from Damers First School spent their Saturday morning going around businesses in Dorchester to encourage them to remove three single use plastics from their business and support the Plastic Free Dorchester campaign.

The children had help and support from Dorchester Town Mayor Cllr David Taylor and Cllr Janet Hewitt. After spending two hours walking around the town and speaking to people, the children managed to sign up 30 new businesses to Plastic Free Dorchester.

They have a target of signing up 100 businesses as well as 50% of community organisations and the places where they meet. A lot of the businesses also signed up to Refill Dorset.

Dorchester Mayor, Cllr David Taylor said, “The town is immensely proud of seeing our young children from Damers First School actively encouraging businesses of Dorchester to take hold of their responsibilities of reducing their plastic foot print in Dorchester, Dorset and the UK to save our planet.

"If we carry on the way we are going, Planet Earth’s life forms have 35 years left. It’s time to change our habits and think of the future for all.”

Eco Coordinator Edd Moore said: “This is a fantastic effort by all the children and adults involved to come out on a Saturday morning to get businesses in Dorchester to support the Plastic Free Dorchester Campaign. It is a valuable experience for the children to be able to have their voices listened to on something they feel so passionately about and which will affect their future.

"A huge thank you to David Taylor and Janet Hewitt for coming along to help the children with their Plastic Free Dorchester campaign.”

If any businesses are interested in signing up and supporting Plastic Free Dorchester they can find out how to sign up by visiting