A colony of nocturnal creatures living at a Dorset school had a starring role on prime time TV this week.

A greater horseshoe bat roost at Bryanston School near Blandford in Dorset was the subject of special documentary ‘Inside the Bat Cave’ broadcast on BBC 2 on Monday, October 26. (You can catch up by watching the programme on BBC iPlayer.)

The programme, hosted by TV presenters, Professor Kate Jones, Lucy Cooke and Ajay Tegala, provides an unprecedented view of the hidden life of a bat colony, including the birth of pups and their progress towards their first perilous flight outside the roost.

Affectionately known as ‘the Bryanston bats’ by staff and pupils, they are often seen flying in the evening sky around the school. Great care has been taken over many years to avoid any disruption to the roost during any routine maintenance work on the historic buildings where they have taken up residence.

Karen Brazier, director of marketing and external communications, said: “We were delighted to host the BBC and it will be fascinating to see what really goes on in the roost while everyone at the school goes about their everyday activities.

“The painstaking preparations for filming by the BBC team was a real eye-opener but, by all accounts, all of the effort has produced a truly unique and amazing insight into the lives of these protected and extraordinary creatures.”