THANKS to Eileen Wren of Chickerell for sharing this story of her well researched family tree.

Eileen has done a thorough job of researching her family and has emerged with a story of wartime survivors and one of a fallen hero.

Her grandparents John Frederick George Churchill and Annie Jemima Churchill, nee Miller, had 13 children, some of whom died at birth.

Four of the brothers went to war, three of them survived and one of them perished on the battlefield.

John and Annie, who married on May 23 in 1880, lived on Lanehouse Rocks Road in Weymouth, in the house on the left at the entrance to Cockles Lane. John died in 1922 aged 62 and Annie died in 1933 aged 73.

Eileen said: “In those days it was a thatched cottage, some were born there, but I think most were born in Rambler Cottage, Shrubbery Lane, Wyke Regis.”

Eileen’s uncle John Thomas Ellis Churchill was born in 1885 and was killed in action on September 15 1916, aged 31.

He was a rifleman with the 17th battalion London Regiment and is buried at the Caterpillar Cemetery in Longueval, Somme, France.

His name is on the Cenotaph at Wyke Regis Cemetery and is also on a board in the Wyke Memorial Hall.

Another uncle, Thistle Laurence Tasmania Churchill, born in 1895, who served with the Royal Navy on HMS Victory, is pictured with his brother Alfred in this photo.

Thistle wrote this card to his mother from the war in which he told her he was going before the doctor.

He survived the First World War and returned home to marry Ada Cook of Chickerell Road, Wey-mouth. Thistle passed away aged 82 in 1977.

Alfred Lanoma Churchill, born in 1888, lost a leg in the First World War. He returned home also suffering from chest problems. Alfred went on to live until January 2 1943, when he died aged 54.

The fourth brother to serve was William James Miller Churchill, who was born on July 13 1893 and served in the Royal Flying Corps.

He married Olive Vallins of Shrubbery Lane on an unknown date and they had a child called Patricia, who died when she was just a few months old.

William went on to live until 1961, when he died aged 68.

Eileen has also looked into the background of some of the female members of the family.

The eldest child, Sarah Emily Churchill, was born on March 16 1881 and married Bill King of London.

They had two children, Norah and Ralph. Norah died some years ago and Ralph was last heard of around 40 years ago living in South Africa.

Sarah died aged 38 on January 19 1919.

John and Annie’s oldest son Samuel Frederick George Churchill was born on April 26 1883.

He married Maggie Collins of Collins Lane, Wyke Regis and they had three children – Laurie, Joan and Tommy.

Laurie and Joan died a few years ago and Tommy was last heard of in Portsmouth three years ago. Samuel died in 1946 aged 63.

Another son, Francis Ralph Churchill, had a tragically short life. He died aged two years and eight months on July 4 1893. Another, Leonard Eric Vivien Churchill, was born on June 1 1898 and married Doris Ricketts of Vinney Cross, Loders in December 1936.

Leonard died on October 7 1953 aged 55.

Eileen’s father Randolph Winston Churchill was born on April 26 1904.

He married Violet Ella Gatehouse of Gillingham, Dorset, on December 10 1927. They had two daughters, Eileen May Wren and Monica Downton of Torrington, Devon.

Randolph died aged 54 on December 20 1958.

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