THIS year marks 30 years since brewing ceased in Hope Square, Weymouth.

Today we are looking at some of the memories of the Devenish Brewery with brewery enthusiast Terry Giles of Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

Terry got in touch to tell us that he has his own miniature Devenish and Groves museum in his home.

Over the years he has collected a large amount of memorabilia from the brewery's heyday.

In this photo he has very kindly sent us we can see beer mats, posters and model delivery vehicles among his collection.

He said: "My enthusiasm is quite genuine.

"As this year comes to an end, 30 years have flown by since brewing on a large scale ceased in Hope Square, Weymouth.

"On November 12 1985 Devenish's Brewery sadly closed.

"For nearly 70 years the old Weymouth breweries have fascinated me in such a way that I have collected memorabilia, photos and relevant adverts since I was a boy."

Since returning to Weymouth, Terry says he has found that Hope Square is a very different place compared to what it was like during the brewing glory days.

He said: "In those days, the aroma of hops and malt and familiar sounds dominated the entire district.

"The brightly coloured motor drays had a fleet number and a name such as David and Dexter.

"Each name began with the letter 'D', taken from the shire horses of long ago.

"During 1965 Devenish became standardised with the Redruth Brewery in Cornwall, with new green livery and 'Herbert' the tiger holding his cross towards heaven.

"He became their nationwide logo. Many people will remember 'Herbert' was everywhere around Weymouth and far beyond."

Terry said he thinks the legacy of Devenish breweries should remain in Hope Square.

"Let us sincerely hope some resemblance will always remain in Hope Square and around the entire complex to identify with the unique atmosphere and spirit of the long gone brewing years."

Thanks to Terry for sharing some of these memories and wishing him the best of luck with his 'miniature museum'!

*We're also delving into the archives to look at some more memories of Devenish Brewery.

We've got this photo of when the last cask of ale produced at Devenish Brewery in Hope Square was rolled out of the premises.

In the photo, dated November 8, 1985, is Weymouth resident Chris Ruffell, who is second from left, with colleagues Mick Jackson, Louis Gallery and Tony Sargent with the final barrel of beer from the brewhouse.

Chris said: “By then most of the other people working there had gone to another brewery and we were only producing Wessex and John Devenish real ales. It was a sad day.”

The brewery first came into the hands of the Devenish family when it was bought by William Devenish from John Flew in 1824.

Back in 1931 the Dorset Daily Echo featured a front-page story about a burglary at the home of Major J H C Devenish of the brewing family.

The intruders escaped with £200 worth of silver and £10 in cash.

However, most of the stolen silver was found by a schoolboy, Leonard Jester, in the grounds of the house Springfield, in Rodwell, the following day.

The paper reported that the thieves entered through a larder window and searched the house by matchlight while the occupants slept upstairs.

Much of the silver comprised cups and goblets which had belonged to the major's grandfather, J A Devenish.

In 1990 Brewers Quay was built within the former Devenish brewery - including a Timewalk attraction, Weymouth Museum, the Excise House pub, a restaurant and many independent shops.

*Do you have any particular memories or memorabilia from the Devenish era in Hope Square? And do you remember Herbert the tiger?

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