HERE'S a wonderful holiday memory from Mrs Jean Matthews of Dorchester.

It's hard to believe, but on Weymouth promenade you used to be able to take a ride in a carriage pulled by a goat!

And here's a photo of Mrs Matthews from 1933 in her horned chariot.

The goat looks perfectly content whilst a young Mrs Matthews looks thrilled to be enjoying the sunshine and such an unusual ride close to Weymouth beach!

Thanks also to Jean for her complimentary words about the Looking Back section, telling us how much she and her friends enjoy it every Tuesday.

*This photo leads us to ask - do you remember the goat rides along Weymouth beach? And were there any other animals used to give children rides, besides, of course, the donkeys?!

We're also interested in seeing photos of holidays from years gone by in foreign climes or right here in Weymouth. Get in touch the usual way.