THANKS to Phil Dennis of Preston, Weymouth, for showing us these panoramic letter cards from 1909 and 1913.

It shows a wonderful scenic view of Weymouth beach. Another letter card shows Lyme Regis in all its glory.

Phil found the letter cards on eBay.

Panoramic letter cards were popular in the 1910s, with holiday makers choosing to send the long thin cards from popular resorts like Weymouth and Lyme Regis.

The letter card from Weymouth was sent to Muswell Hill, London, on September 10 1913.

It says: "Dear Bradbury, don't know if you have ever been here so am sending you a few views.

"It's a splendid place and we are having a real good time.

"We came here on Monday and like it so much that we have decided to stay until Sunday.

"Shall see you when we get back and tell you about our travels."

Mr Dennis says the rest of the comments on the inside of the back cover are about wanting someone's address and have no other compliments about Weymouth!

The Lyme Regis panoramic card has a Lyme Regis postmark dated February 1909, 6.30pm.

Mr Dennis says: "It is interesting that it's a Halfpenny Packet Post card and states 'no other writing other than address and signature to be on this card.'"

The card was produced by Darby, Lyme Regis.

*If you have any panoramic postcards, get in touch with Looking Back.