LAST month we looked back to the days of hand bell ringing and campanology.

It spurred a few more memories in Dorset and even rang a few more bells as far north as Yorkshire as we were contacted by Peter Fawcett, from Yorkshire, author of Ringing for Gold, the story of handbell tune ringing.

Gladys Antell, from Puddletown, got in touch with us to share some more pictures of bellringers in Puddletown.

Gladys said: "The names given in the report are correct except it should be Tony Antell, and not Toby.

"I believe other members of this group were Audrey Coombs, Sylvia Parsons and Martin Antell.

"At that time there was a younger group being taught by Mrs. Legg."

"Later on in the 1980's an older group of ladies started playing the bells - they included Mrs. Hart, Mrs. Barnes, Mrs.Hallam, and Mrs. Antell but I cannot remember the others."

Those included in the main photo are Raymond and Michael Knight (front row)? Brownsell, Dorothy Knight Rosemary Churchill, Edna Squires, Thelma ?, Gladys Knight, Edna Squires, and Pat Stockley. The other two photos, believed to have been taken in the 1950s include Mrs. Legg, Edna Squires, Jean Parker, John Prowse, Gladys and Dorothy Knight.

Gladys said more recently a group has been formed under the leadership of Mrs. Jenny Hansford, Puddletown Church organist and leader of singing group Harmony Music.

"We are still performing and we even have four new members so we can now play all 23 bells.

"Word gets around and more villagers wanted to join."

The hand-bell ringing group has performed in locations around the area, at the Kingfisher ward at Dorchester County Hospital, the Stroke club in Lubbecke Way, and the Senior Citizens Club of Dorchester.

Gladys said the groups next performance will be on July, 14 at the village hall in Milborne, St Andrew.

The group can be found playing in the church in Puddletown during the Christmas period.

Peter Fawcett, who has written a book on the living tradition of hand-bell ringing and its history, got in touch to tell us more about hand-bell ringing and his book.

In the book, Peter writes: "The unique sound of the musical hand-bell has charmed and delighted the audiences throughout the world.

"A hand-bell band combines sounds to produce music of the highest quality and with a visual element that enhances its appeal to the listener."

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