A DORCHESTER-BASED production company is calling upon people to get in touch with their memories of Weymouth and Portland at war.

Bright Button productions is looking for anyone who served during the war or anyone with memories of the area during the Second World War.

The company is working with a new D-Day museum on Portland at Castletown to find as many local voices who were involved in the war effort as possible and wishes to record interviews with them for posterity.

The D-Day museum is part of a Castletown regeneration project funded by Derek Luckhurst of Agincare.

Steve George, curator of the museum, said the attraction will highlight the role of the American GIs who embarked from Portland on June 6 1944 for the Normandy landings.

Freya Eden-Ellis, of Bright Button productions, said: "The interviews will form an archive of material that can be called upon for any historical research or educational purpose and will be an invaluable resource.

"As we know, once these voices are lost, they can never be recovered. We want to ensure that future generations have access to the first hand testimony of eye-witnesses to the war, as told by local people.

"We're looking for anyone who served, in any capacity, during the war and who lived or currently lives in the area.

"If they have memories of Dorset during wartime (e.g. Weymouth and Portland as embarkation points, the areas used as camps for US soldiers, military testing at the Fleet and other coastal areas, etc) we want to record them and ensure they are accessible to everyone."

Get in touch by calling Freya Eden-Ellis on 07860 938 188 or by emailing freya@brightbuttonproductions.com