ALAN Hill shared this photo of the Wyke Hotel in Weymouth from what is believed to be the 1950s or 1960s.

It was in the possession of his dad Stanley, who with Alan's mother Elaine and the family, would enjoy holidays in Weymouth.

Alan said: "We would always go to Sandsfoot Castle and walk through to the Wyke Hotel and he had kept this business card for a long time."

The Wyke Hotel is now the Wyke Smugglers and the name on the back of the card says 'Ernie and A. King' B&B. King had been crossed out and replaced with 'Keen'.

Alan thinks the card shows a Ford Anglia car in the foreground.

The Wyke Hotel used to have a mural in the room out the back which was known as the 'children's room'.

It featured a scene from Bristol showing the Avon gorge and the Clifton Suspension Bridge.