THANKS to Jeanette Matthews for popping in with some memories of when the Naval Dockyard Lighthouse underwent a facelift in 1995.

Her husband Stephen and his business partner were responsible for the scaffolding provided for the project to be carried out.

Jeanette brought in these photos she and her husband took of the lighthouse with all the scaffolding surrounding it.

Her memories were triggered by the recent restoration of the historic lighthouse, which is situated at the main entrance to the harbour.

The port had the option of ‘retiring’ the current lighthouse and replacing it with a modern one, or to restore it to maintain the historical integrity of the breakwater.

After deliberating, the decision was made to restore it.

The northern and north eastern breakwaters of Portland Harbour were constructed at the turn of the twentieth century, at a time when hostilities with Germany were developing.

The harbour was then home to the British fleet and additional breakwaters gave extra protection.

The ‘A’ head lighthouse on the southern round head of the north-eastern breakwater, would have been constructed around this time of year, in approximately 1906.

Jeanette said: "It's lovely to see it restored. It's funny, when we were last looking at the lighthouse we were saying that it's looking bad and needs something and now it's great to see the work done."