OUR article on whistleblower Stanley Adams has generated a lot of interest.

We were asking if anyone knew of the whereabouts of Adams, who was said to be living in Weymouth and would now have been aged 90.

Back in the 1970s Adams blew the whistle on Swiss pharmaceutical company Hoffman-LaRoche.

German writer Patrick Roesing wished to get in touch with Adams.

We received some sad news from Cathy Ridd, of Hereford Crescent, Westham, Weymouth, who said Adams died last year. Cathy said he also lived in Hereford Crescent and was her next door neighbour.

Cathy said: "I moved to my bungalow in July 2015. Stanley passed away last year in a care home. When he was alive I didn't know anything about his history or past. He was a proper, proud gentleman - he would always say hello and was very polite.

"I remember him shuffling along in the same I never saw anyone visit him, we didn't know if he had any family or when his funeral took place."

Cathy said it was a shock to discover that Stanley Adams had such an interesting past.

"Myself and my neighbour Toni were amazed to hear what had happened to him in his past"

Cathy said she discovered that a TV movie was made about the life of Stanley Adams with David Suchet playing the role of the whistleblower. It was called A Crime of Honour but was also known as A Song for Europe.

We were also contacted by a Weymouth bus driver who encountered a man a few years ago on his bus who he believes was Adams.

The bus driver said: "I worked for First about five or six years ago. I used to pick Stanley Adams up on the bus and drop him in Radipole Lane. When I was talking to him a few years ago about various things he told me he worked for a pharmaceutical company and they were a bit naughty and he blew the whistle on them.

"His accent sounded a bit foreign. He was a very nice man."