IT'S time once again to share some old harbour memories of Jean Matthews of Dorchester.

Jean, 87, got in touch to tell Looking Back about her great uncle Tom Roberts who rowed people across Weymouth Harbour for a penny over to the Nothe.

"In the summer holidays when all my cousins were holidaying at grandma's we would ask her to write a note to her brother Tom to take us over to the Nothe, free of course, we didn't have any money and didn't he grumble at Charlotte his loving sister - he took us but when we called across the water to get back - he didn't hear us!! We had to walk."

Jean also remembers saving lemonade bottles and taking them back to the shops for 1p and sifting the sand through her fingers by the swings and roundabouts. "This all stopped when war was declared," she recalls.

*Thanks to Jean for her memories.