HERE'S a photo of carefree summer days in the forgotten Dorset village of Tyneham

This picture is among those shared by Tyneham worker Lynda Price. Lynda has worked at Tyneham since 2004 and is responsible for all the interpretation visitors encounter when they visit as well as the restoration of Tyneham Farm.

In 1943 notice was given to the villagers that they would be required to leave Tyneham within 28 days as the area was needed for forces’ training. The villagers thought they would return and this never happened.

The image taken by the sea is just one among photos purchased jointly by the MoD and Dorset Archives Trust and now preserved at Dorset History Centre.

Lynda has used a range of sources as well as photographs such as Lillian Bond’s diaries and has a put together a range of exhibitions and displays at Tyneham to help the public get a better understanding of this iconic village.