AFTER publishing the article last week on the Second World War plane which was found off Chesil Beach, we've heard about another discovery.

It is thought that a propeller boss plane was brought ashore close to Wyke Regis in the 1940s or 1950s.

Online commenter 'Hodder6th' wondered whether a propeller boss with three blades on was found in that era.

"If I recall correctly it had fouled a seine net and had to be removed - in those days we fished for mackerel off the beach with seine nets. I do recall being surprised that the steel of the boss had not rusted very much at all and the 'bronze' worm gears attached to it could be moved easily.

"The three props were bent and had holes though them which we assumed were due to bullets. We all thought it was German of course! It remained on the beach for a time but who eventually removed it, I know not."