Let's head down town centre memory lane once again.

We're sure many of you remember the original Woolworths building in St Mary Street which was where Burtons and Dorothy Perkins is now.

Here are a couple of pictures of the building from Geoff Pritchard's photo collection.

The first British Woolworths shop opened in 1909 and its name rapidly became a high street staple.

That store in Liverpool was called FW Woolworths, a subsidiary of the US parent, which was started in 1879 when Frank Woolworth, a sales assistant, opened a shop in Pennsylvania.

Having risen like a meteor, it faded into peaceful retirement in the US and Canada in the 1990s, before falling like a stone in the UK in 2008.

Each of the 807 UK Woolworths stores closed between Christmas and New Year from 2008 to 2009 after the company ran up huge debts.

All 27,000 permanent and temporary staff lost their jobs.

And we're sure many of you remember Woolworths Weymouth in its final incarnation at the site where TK Maxx is now.

The shop unit remained vacant until 2010 when TK Maxx opened in Weymouth.

We'd love to hear your Woolworths memories, be for the pick 'n' mix or buying music. Get in touch the usual way.