WITH this Sunday marking 100 years since the end of the First World War, it seems timely to refer to some more extensive research from friend of Looking Back Greg Schofield, who has been looking at the conflict in the middle east between 1917 and 1918.

We can now list the names of the Weymouth men who were killed in Palestine, with the fallen from Mesopotamia to be named next week.

Greg tells us: "After the disaster of Kut-el-Amara and the debacle of Gallipoli, the war against the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East went on to the back burner. The influence of the Westerners, officers who believed the war could only be won on the Western Front, meant that the British effort was concentrated in France and Belgium.

"However, the Turks were formidable enemies, and the threat they posed to to the Suez Canal and communication with India and the rest of the British Empire meant they could not be ignored.

"There were two main theatres of war in the Middle East; Palestine and Mesopotamia. Both were equally important and bitterly fought."

"Campaigns led by General Allenby are better known because of the activities of T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), and the Australian Light Horse regiments, but of course, there was a considerable British involvement as well as other elements of the British Empire.

"These were harsh conditions in which to fight, and for many there were strange departures; for example, the Royal Dorset Yeomanry were converted from horses to camels.

"The main objectives were to drive the Turks out of Palestine, Capture Jerusalem and link up with the Mesopotamian campaign.

1916 and early 1917 was spent in a number of minor actions which secured the Siniai peninsula in preparation for an attack on the main Turkish defensive line between Gaza and Beersheba."

The following Weymouth men were killed:-

• BROWN Richard F. Lance Corporal, 5th Connaught Rangers. Died 7th October, 1917. Lived Old Borough Arms, Chickerell Road, Weymouth.

• DOWNER Sydney Private 1st/5th Welsh Regiment. Died 26th March, 1917, aged 23. Son of Albert and Helen Downer. Lived 19, Argyle Road, Weymouth.

Beersheba was captured on October 31, 1917 and after further hard fighting which led to the collapse of the Gaza Beersheba line of defences, the British army was able to advance on the Judean Hills and Jaffa, Jerusalem being captured on December 9, 1917. The following Weymouth men were killed:-

• BETTS Edward Private in 2nd/4th Dorsetshire Regt, Killed 22nd November, 1917, aged 39. Wounded and transferred to hospital, which was then blown up by enemy action. An assistant schoolmaster, Holy Trinity School, Weymouth. He volunteered for service to take the place of another teacher who had heavier family responsibilities. Left a wife, Maud, and one child. Lived at 17, Newberry Terrace, Weymouth.

• BUGLER Harold George Private in Machine Gun Corps. Killed in action November 13, 1917. Aged 24. Only son of Mr G. Bugler. Lived at Rodwell Garage, Weymouth

• COLLINS A. Private 16th Devonshire Regiment, killed December 3 1917.

• HOCKLEY S. W. J. Private 24th Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Died December 27, 1917.

• KEELEY Ernest Joseph. R. Private 1st Dorset Yeomanry (Queen’s Own). Wounded and reported missing. Declared dead November 21, 1917. Member of Weymouth Conservative Club.

• LEGG William James Private in 2nd/4th Dorsetshire Regiment. Died October 27,1917, aged 23. Lived 11, High Street, Weymouth.

• STRANGE William Walter Carter Private 1st Dorset Yeomanry (Queen’s Own). Reported missing November 28, 1917. Confirmed killed in action May 1919. Member of Dorset T.A. and joined the army in 1915. Sent to Egypt December 1916. Member of the Church Lad’s Brigade. Worked as Clerk for Eldridge Pope (Weymouth). Married to Bessie Strange. Lived 51, Oakley Place, Weymouth

• SWANNIE Frederick Private in 2nd/4th Dorsetshire Regiment. Died December 30, 1917.

• TARRANT Frederick Harold Edward Private 1st Dorset Yeomanry (Queen’s Own).Killed in action 28th November, 1917, aged 21.Son of Frederick and Mary Tarrant. Lived 4, Cove Street, Weymouth.

Early 1918 was spent in actions in the Judean Hills and the Jordan Valley, and the capture of Jericho. The final major battle took place at Megiddo on 19th September, 1918, when in a brilliant action the Turkish Army was thoroughly defeated and virtually ceased to exist.

The following Weymouth men were killed:-

• COOMBES B. Private 1st Dorset Yeomanry (Queen’s Own). Died October 14, 1918, aged 21. Son of George and Sarah Coombes of Buckland Newton. Lived 2, Mulberry Terrace, School Street, Weymouth.

• DRAKE Arthur James Private 2nd Dorsetshire Regiment. Killed in action September 19 1918, aged 22. Son of Sarah and James Drake. Lived at 78, Newstead Road, Weymouth.

• HOLLAND George William Private 2nd Dorsetshire Regiment. Died November 22, 1918, aged 34.

• PITMAN G. E. Private 2nd/14th London Regiment (London Scottish) Killed in action May 1, 1918. Lived Cromwell Road, Weymouth.

• RIMMER J. Serjeant Royal Engineers. Died October 16, 1918, aged 37.Husband of Rose Rimmer. Lived at 4, Victoria Street, Weymouth.