CAN anyone shed some light on the mystery surrounding the whereabouts of a very special birdbath?

Some of you will remember the back story of Edward Betts, a 39-year-old schoolteacher who only served in the Great War because he volunteered to take the place of another teacher who had heavier responsibilities.

Private Betts was in 2/4 Dorsetshire Regt and was a dispatch rider on a motorbike. He was killed aged 39 on November 22 1917.

We were thrilled to hear from Mrs K. Mary Voller of Ringwood, the eldest grandchild of Edward.

Mrs Voller also wished to remind us how Edward's memory has lived on many years after his death. In the 1950s when the new Holy Trinity School was opened in Connaught Road, a birdbath was put there in memory of Edward and his wife Maud, who was also a teacher there.

Mrs Voller tells us: "My grandmother returned to teaching after Edward's death and retired in 1933.

"I was informed that the birdbath had disappeared but have been unable to trace it. There was a report of the dedication ceremony in the Echo at the time. My mother attended it."

If anyone knows anything about where the birdbath dedicated to Edward and Maud might be now, do get in touch with Looking Back the usual way.