DOES anyone remember this now-demolished Weymouth pub?

It's the Railway Dock Hotel, which was at the bottom of Rodwell Avenue. It closed in the 1980s and was subsequently demolished.

Ron and Doreen Parsons, who previously ran the Duke of Cornwall, ran the Railway Dock Hotel. Doreen now lives in South Africa. The Parsons had four children, Mandy, Kevan and twins Mark and Kirsty. The landlady before the Parsons was a Miss Underwood.

Kirsty said: "Sadly this is a photo of after the pub was closed by Devenish, dad donated a number of the fittings inside to Weymouth museum."

The pub is well remembered for its popular jukebox.

Doreen said: "So many things were supposed to happen when they built the pub, like the railway to Newtons Cove etc, which was never done. As it turned out over time it was preferred to knock the pub down and put a roundabout in its place. It was called progress of course. But I still think the pub was more attractive then the roundabout, but maybe not so useful."