PETE Harden was reading a copy of the Dorset Echo in the Granby Diner in Weymouth when he came across our article of last week on the much-missed Railway Dock Hotel pub.

This popular Weymouth pub, in Spring Road, leading off from Rodwell Avenue, was demolished in the 1980s and was replaced by a roundabout!

Pete tells us this picture of him as a youngster on his red tricycle aged around four or five must have been taken about 65 years ago. He certainly looks like butter wouldn't melt!

A lot of you were interested in the memory of this pub, which was known for its jukebox!

Online, one reader thought the style of the pub was similar to the old Bull Inn at Stratton, near Dorchester. 'Dumbpuss' wrote: "Devenish obviously used the same plans for more than one of their establishments. Of course, the Bull Inn has now been converted to houses, but the similarity to the picture can still be seen. Can anyone recall and identify any other pubs built to this design?"

Another online commenter remembers the Railway Dock Hotel as a popular bikers' pub where 'there was never any trouble'.

There was also some discussion about a pre First World War railway scheme that never came to be at Newtons Cove, where a rail link was meant to have been built from the town station to serve a new harbour which was meant to be built at Newtons Cove.

'Now Long Gone' tells us the scheme was abandoned around 1913. They write: "The line was intended to have left the main line between Upwey and Radipole and looped around through what is now Southill. Also mooted was a possible connection to the Portland line at Rodwell."

Thanks to all of you for getting in touch after we sparked your memories of the Railway Dock Hotel.