FIRM new friend of these pages, Pete Harden, who melted our hearts with a picture of his adorable younger self riding a tricycle outside the Railway Dock Hotel, has sent us another picture of him as a young cheeky chappy getting up to more antics.

This time a young Pete is having a whale of a time at the miniature railway that used to be at Westham Bridge in Weymouth.

The western edge of the lake used to be home to Chipperfield's Fun Fair and miniature railway, the locomotive for which is still running somewhere in Scotland.

As we can see from these other photos which come from a book, the miniature railway provided a lot of fun for children, who enjoyed riding on the train and on the very exciting looking big wheel you can see in the background.

Pete said he was a real railway enthusiast as a youngster. He said: "My dad used to take me to Ranelagh Road where there was a bench from which we could watch all the trains come and go. It was very interesting because we could watch all the trains being turned around."

If you have memories and pictures of Chipperfield's Fun Fair and miniature railway at Westham Bridge, get in touch the usual way.