LAST week's article on the miniature railway at Westham Bridge in Weymouth stoked many a memory.

Thanks to Eunice Malcolm for getting in touch to let us know how much she enjoyed the little train - which would go around the edge of Radipole Lake.

She even managed to take a ride on it herself as a parent!

Eunice recalls: "I loved that little train. Every time we would go that way we would have a little go on the train. I remember my son Stuart went on there when he was three and he was a bit scared at first so I got on there with him. And then every time we would go past that way he would have a ride on the railway."

Eunice, of Portland, who now lives in Weymouth, said Stuart, now in his 50s, would be thrilled to see his name mentioned in the paper

"The railway is much-missed," she added. "I think Weymouth should do something like that now. If only someone could put it back. It was so lovely for the children, they used to queue up to go on there."

Our online commenters also agreed that the children's attraction is much-missed.

'Tobermory' said: "It's so sad that area has lost all its attractions!"

'Hanna von Richthofen' wrote: "The only attractive man-made things left are the Royal Hotel and the Jubilee Clock, plus, arguably, the King's Statue. And on Nature's side, we still have Radipole Lake and about half of the original Lodmoor."

'Nowlonggone' remembers the small motor boats in an enclosed area of the lake. They said: "It was there that I first started to learn boat handling skills!"

They added: "The railway itself ran up a track, which passed under the Portland Railway viaduct and along next to the lake, to a point just short of lower Pottery Lane where it looped around and went over some spring points to return down the same track. The engine then had to be turned on a turntable for the next run. At one time I think he had two steam locomotives.

"Following the preparatory development of the site for the Weymouth Way, Chipperfields moved initially to the old railway goods sheds and then onto old railway land where Jubilee close now stands, the former Jubilee sidings."

We also heard about a few incidents that happened with these attractions through 'annotator'.

Out of the two trains used, Black Prince and Robin Hood, Black Prince suffered a leak in its boiler!

They worked on the railway topping up the oil wells on the wheels, crank and keeping Robin going.

They also worked on the motor boats, which had a 98cc two stroke engine under the front inspection cover and often caught fire but were easily put out with the fire extinguisher kept alongside the engines in the shed.

'annotator' also jogged our memories of the Wild Mouse ride at the nearby Chipperfields Fun Fair,

Thanks to you all for getting in touch.