OUR old pictures of pubs series has proved so popular, this week we wanted to bring you another picture - this time of a pub that still exists today.

We're unsure exactly when this photo was taken, but the Old Ship Inn on the Ridgeway, Upwey, Weymouth is instantly recognisable in this picture. Judging by the car parked up underneath the sign and the surface of the road, the picture dates back many years.

The brewers Groves & Sons, of Weymouth, have their names emblazoned very clearly on the side of the pub. And it looks as though the picture was taken some time in the summer or spring, judging by the pub windows flung open.

It's thanks to members of Facebook group Over 60 and Live in Weymouth and Portland that our memories have been stirred of the Old Ship Inn.

One member remembers the pub as 'really quaint and serving really good food' and of course, still just as good today, they all agreed.

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