A POSTER we featured in Looking Back on January 22 left us scratching our heads.

We shared a poster from 1890 which was given to reader Steph Way.

The poster publicised a 'Smoking Concert' to be held at The Running Horse in King Street on Saturday, August 2, 1890, starting at 8.30pm. The sign says 'the proceeds will be given to Mr. Peter Box'. Admission was threepence.

Thinking that the concert was a local event, we assumed the King Street referred to was in Weymouth.

Now it would appear that the poster was referring to another King Street all together!

Thanks to Richard Samways for getting in touch, who, with Maureen Attwooll, deals with local history enquiries for Weymouth Museum.

He writes: "We were intrigued by the old advertising cards relating to a 'Smoking Concert in the Running Horse, King Street in 1890. Neither of us has ever heard of such a public house in Weymouth, and can only conclude that it must be elsewhere. "After all the town is not mentioned on the posters. There is a Running Horse in King Street, Brighton, but research would have to be done there to confirm or otherwise if this is the place. It raises the question, is this where the Smoking Concert took place? Mystery still to be solved."

Thanks to Richard for getting in touch - what a shame there doesn't seem to be a Weymouth link to this poster!

And thanks also to our regular online commenter 'Nowlonggone' who informed us that the Running Horse in King Street, Brighton closed in the 1960s.