WE can't get enough of sharing memories of the miniature railway and funfair that used to be at Westham Bridge in Weymouth.

Thanks to Looking Back regular Alan Wolsey for sharing this image with us which shows a red structure just behind the wagons of the train going along Westham Bridge.

Alan tells us: "This was the Wild Mouse ride at Chipperfields Fun Fair which was erected for the summer season. It was first put up in 1963 or 1964. It was quite an innovation for us young people to see such a massive wooden structure and it ride on it. It was hell-raising! And it was certainly no comparison to today's rides.

"After a few years of putting it up and taking it down, the owners thought it would be cheaper to leave it up permanently when they took the fair away for winter storage."

Alan has also furnished up with a few interesting facts about the fair, which we share with you below:

  • The fair arrived in 1960
  • Its jukebox, adjacent to the dodgems, would blare out the hits of the day.
  • Those who were savvy to the fair would not go on the 'dive bomber', Alan tells us 'punters should have known not to eat or drink before going on - a soapy bucket of disinfectant was always at the ready' for anyone who was sick.
  • Bluebird Coaches, now at Charlestown in Weymouth, was once sited at the other side of the embankment with Weymouth pontoons stored for winter in the corner by the viaduct.
  • Under the tunnel and to the left was the 'mobile cafe'.

Thanks to Alan for sharing this information about the much-missed fun fair with us! In conclusion, Alan tells us: "It was not a huge fun fair but it was entertaining enough!"