A CAMPAIGN to get photos of teenage life in Weymouth in the 1970s published in a hardback photo collection is gaining momentum.

Photographer Iain McKell is urging people to support his crowd funding campaign to help him get the autobiographical collection published as a hard back book. The photo collection, known as Private Reality, tells the story of Iain’s life in Weymouth in the 70s.

We shared a number of photos alongside a feature on Iain's work in the Echo on February 9 and here is a further photo not yet published from Iain's collection.

Since the feature Iain has been approached by the Dorset History Centre in Dorchester to have his work archived.

Iain said: "The kickstarter has already raised 29 per cent of the funding in just over a week since the Dorset Echo feature. It's clear there's a lot of local interest.

"This is encouraging, as this is a rare and unique body of work of how things were back then. No other seaside town has this valuable asset to its local community authored by one photographer in such a detailed body of work.

"The sense of who we were in our teens year might pleasantly surprise people and might also appeal to the present teenage generation."

Support Iain's project online at http://kck.st/2SfCMtP