WE'VE been very much enjoying this very old picture of the Belvedere Inn in Weymouth's High Street West.

As you can see the high pavement had no railings for public safety back then.

We know that the history of the Belvedere Inn goes back a long way. It dates back to the early 19th century and its building is listed.

The inn's first listed publican from records is John Binns in 1875, followed by John Wells in 1889. In 1891 Julia Barrett was listed as a housekeeper there.

This photo depicts a lovely street scene - families strolling, a man with a stick by some adverts on the side of the house and a bicycle parked up outside the house. It looks as though the people in the street are in their Sunday best.

Today the Belvedere is known for its live music offerings. It is also close to another popular Weymouth pub in High Street West, The Boot Inn.

Thanks to members of Over 60 and Live in Weymouth and Portland for helping us out with this. We'd be interested is hearing more about the history of the Belvedere and nearby the Boot, if you can help us out with more information and memories.