THIS image done in Weymouth showing Portland in the background brings to mind the word 'bucolic'.

It was produced near the cavalry barracks at Radipole in an unknown year, but is said to be 'at a time when King George III was embarking on an aquatic excursion with the frigates in attendance saluting.

Never mind the frigates, we're more taken with the rather oblivious cows in the foreground and the very elegant looking dairy maid strolling through the field with her dog.

In a bid to track down exactly where the cavalry barracks were at Radipole, our friends at the Over 60 and Live in Weymouth and Portland group have come up with come helpful suggestions.

It's thought they could have been on Dorchester Road at Lodmoor Hill. The barracks were thought to have been built in 1798 with additions in 1800 and 1804, which is a site now bounded by Alexandra Road and Westbourne Road. The address now is thought to be Radipole Terrace, 1-5 Dorchester Road.

If you can shed further light on the cavalry barracks at Radipole, do get in touch.