LAST week we showed an illustration of a view of Portland which was produced 'near the cavalry barracks'.

It got us thinking about the exact location of the barracks, which were built in 1798.

The first lot of suggestions we had was that the barracks were at Radipole Terrace, Dorchester Road.

And it seems as though that is the right address!

It was a pleasure to hear from Nigel Osmond, who lives at Radipole Terrace in Weymouth and had carried out some research on the history of his home.

He said: "Where I live is where the officers' quarters were for the Hanoverian guard. They were all hand-picked and they all had to be over 6ft 6ins. "Those were the troops who were taken to Waterloo. There were 600 horses stabled there.

"Nowadays it's all built up with houses but Radipole Terrace is between Planet Pizza and Austins estate agents. The barracks extended to where Westover Road is.

"I did some research in the library when I moved in because the history of where I lived fascinated me. There's a map in the library and you can see where it used to be.

"It's impossible to tell if that would have been an accurate view from the location because it's so built up now."

We've also had some feedback on this from our online commentators, one of whom thinks the picture is more likely to have been painted from Seven Springs Hill, which overlooks Lodmoor Marsh. Another local name suggested for this hill is Southdown Hill, upon which Horse Lynch Plantation stands.

Thanks also to 'coastal quibbler', who thought this particular view would only be seen from the Bowleaze end of Weymouth Beach, nowhere near Radipole or the Barracks, perhaps more likely where Oakbury Drive is.

Thanks also to 'rjimmer', who pointed out the chimney belching smoke in the background where Wyke Regis is, and said: "The chimney is the wrong angle to be the Chickerell brickyard's chimneys. Timewise, the Portland Harbour breakwater doesn't appear to have been built."

Thanks so much to you all for your interest in this painting and the cavalry barracks in Weymouth.