WE were struck by the tale of the heroic Gerard Roope.

The Weymouth captain of HMS Glow-worm, who fought a heroic but eventually fatal battle against three German war ships, was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross.

Thanks to Looking Back regular Alvin Hopper for sharing this snippet of information with us.

He tells us: "A graphite pencil drawing called Ramming Course, showing HMS Glowworm attacking the Admiral Hipper, which includes an

image of Lt. Cmdr. Roope, was presented to Weymouth Museum on July 16 1985.

"The drawing was by Douglas Milne,who has done many other such pictures,mostly in the late 1980s.

"The picture was unveiled by the mayor Mr. Peter Harvey, who on seeing it, asked if he could commission a picture for Portland Museum of the Anti- Aircraft auxiliary cruiser Foylebank, on which ship Jack Mantle won his V.C.in Portland Harbour July 4 I940.

"Attending the unveiling ceremony for the Roope presentation were his widow and his daughter Miss Felicity Roope.

"Westward Television covered the proceedings,which were televised later on the day.

"Lastly another ceremony took place on Trafalgar Day at the Nothe Fort in Weymouth,where a display was unveiled by the mayor, then Mr.Roy Gainey, this display is still on view in the Naval Casemate area."

Thanks to Alvin for making us aware of the drawing at Weymouth Museum and the display at the Nothe Fort.